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Branding by UX - Announcing Qt Automotive Suite

  Pelagicore is proud to announce the launch of Qt Automotive Suite, a product jointly developed and marketed together with The Qt Company and KDAB.   As car makers turn their cars into digital companions, taking ownership of the digital UX has become a critical stepping stone.   With Qt Automotive Suite, we now enable [read more]

How we enabled the future - or why simple solutions are awesome!

Do you remember Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche’s 2015 CES keynote when he presented the F015 luxury in motion show-car? Good show all around – minute 17 when the F015 autonomously enters the stage is particularly impressive, if you ask me! The UX in this car is composed on to 18(!) screens in total – some of them [read more]

Using Yocto and FOSSology to get SPDX licence output

Much of the work we do at Pelagicore boils down to using our software as part of an image that can be put on some media (like an SD card) and used directly on some hardware. That image will contain everything from a bootloader to a user interface, and is composed of lots of software [read more]

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Ericsson and Volvo at Mobile World Congress 2015 - Congratulations from Pelagicore!

The past week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has come to an end and several news related to connected cars have been unveiled. For Pelagicore, the highlight was of course that Ericsson and Volvo were awarded with the Global Mobile Award “Best mobile innovation for automotive” for the Connected Traffic Cloud solution. We would like [read more]

Open Source Automotive

Pelagicore is an Open Source Automotive company, our web site makes that clear. But what does that mean?   For Pelagicore, open source means contributing code into the community. This is in our DNA. We recruit people who’ve demonstrated their contribution to open codebases over time and we actively work to grow the ecosystem. We [read more]